Hi yall
If some of you (and by "some" i mean "none" obv) have been wondering why my contributions have been so scant of late it's because... I don't have a comp! But I've been doing my best to offend people and shame myself in the REAL world on a daily b. As Lindsay Lohan's fake twitter account says (which I did just check btw) "So I offended the coloreds and the gays the same week. What's the bigs?" ... Anyways my compy time is limited to the 30 minute allotment i'm granted at the Brooklyn pubs library and since I'm more often than not using the computer in the children's section, I can't look at rape porn like i normally do! :*(

Anyways besides home tattooing myself with various occult symbology and becoming a misguided choice for a tabloid celeb in the UK, here's a glimpse into my REAL life via my VIRTUAL life on facebook...!


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