The Power of the Internet

CASE ONE: Shi Hengxia AKA "Sister Furong Hibiscus"
This post wasn't my idea, Huan 'my rock' told me to send this message to the world.

Sister Furong Hibiscus was just a casual, 32 year old woman who grew up in a farmer's family in China. BUT LOOK AT WHAT SHE HAS TO SAY:

She has written the most beautiful, inspiring things to us young women all around the world:

"My sexy appearance and ice-and-jade pure quality bring me a lot of attention wherever I go. I'm always the centre of everything. People never tire of looking at my face, and my physique gives men nose-bleeds."

"My life is now so annoying. All the time I am the focus on the street. Why do the eyes of men fall hot upon me? I have no place to hide."

"All of these talents have helped me to become a good dancer. I understand life in my dance; I am looking for my lover in my dance."

"I have a pair of beautiful hands which go harmoniously with my outstandingly slim body."

"To men, I am the sweetest flower. They love to drink my nectar."

After she was rejected from all of China's top universities, she started writing these quotes as captions to pictures that she uploaded continuously to the schools' message boards!!!!!! GENIUS!

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