I want to take this opportunity to say I LOVE Nobunny and I think he should be an honorary Gay Icon

He flops around with his weiner showing on stage, wearing a filthy bunny mask and maybe a pair of nylons or high heels and suddenly his album is $80 on eBay. I love that he's a straight dude who's horny for trannies and I love that when I lived with him, the stench of pee bottles, dirty kleenex and pizza boxes could almost KNOCK U OUT if you went in his room. I love that we overheard a female voice coming from his room saying, "I'm gonna dump this bag of Cheeto's on your god damn head!"

I love that he's punkkkkkkk, he's 100% down with gays and I wish all these wannabee blacklipsschmacklips boring dude bands would get a freaking clue and copy him already!

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