Born to be bad (born with a urinary tract deformity)

O-M-G it all makes sense now. Stabbing chest pains, the struggle for oxygen, the silky gray weave in my AC filter, that devious look in his eyes. They say denial can last forever. A woman coughed on a Monday morning. By Monday afternoon, she saw the hairball. Let's face the truth:

I'm allergic to my son (cat)

P.S. Can I just say something here? More than twenty years ago to the date, the urinary tract of a certain fetus who shall remain unnamed cheated nature and played her own game. What I'm trying to say is: I was born with a UTD (Urinary Tract Deformity). There you have it, world. It's on the web now! After learning this savory bit of scoop, I decided to reinvent myself - hence- "Zynthia"


  1. hahahahhaahhahahaha

    for real I'm allergic to my damn cat too

    "a woman coughed on a hairball on a monday morning..."

    this blog has seriously gotten SO GOOD!!! WHAT HAVE I DONE!!!!!

  2. wait and my pee burns like EVERY DAY for YEARS why are we the same person?

  3. hahaha! Ask your doctor about UTD