Got up early. Could barely choke down the salt water.

My energy was lowest it's been yet. Today was fucking hard. I went to my favorite coffee place, OM CAFE (fake New Age vibe, harem pillows, Enigma), and I had a bunch of writing to do there, because yes I'm one of those people ("WHERE ARE YOUR PLUUGGGS???") but it took me forever to even get started. NOT because I didn't have any "fuel" in me though...it's all psychological.

I haven't even been hungry ONCE yet. But MENTALLY, I can't handle it. The cleanse has turned me into a CATHY comic strip. For about an hour I stared longingly at the GOVERNMENT-ASS cafe cold case full of cardboard prepackaged vegan wraps for nine dollars each. This has NEVER tempted me before. But shit...SOY SMOKED CHICKEN. Nothing could sound more appealing. I can't imagine how it would feel to eat that.

Actually...kind of like this:

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