Wisdom Teeth

Guys!!! I'm experimenting with a new literary style called "les lit" ENJOY (VOILA)

KANSAS, CENTRAL TIME. "Good idea," I murmured through a mouthful of gauze. Go figure. Smirking, my partner cupped her hands beneath my slackjaw, a sacred mixture of blood and mucus overfloweth from my faintly mustachioed lips.

I chewed a carrot and laughed to myself as it became mashed deep into the sockets where my wisdom teeth were. Our eyes met. "Wonder how long that'll be there!" I exclaimed.

Just then I looked up and noticed that she had painted a clown's nose and eyebrows on her face with my bloody saliva. Typical. We both chuckled.

September ended.

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  1. THIS IS INCREDIBLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!