My Bay Area Trip.

Was like, the best time I have had in a long time. I forgot how many drugs one person can do in a week and how much cheaper/free-er they are in the bay. On my first night I made a boyfriend and we made an agreement NOT to have sex and just be long distanced, non sexual boyfriends then we went to his apartment and made out and passed out. The second night we did jello shots and a bad of coke, then fucked. The third night was Halloween I dressed up as a mall goth, complete with a chocker and a Homies metal lunch pail I found, took some e, went to some banjee house parties but met an actual juggalo. Apparently this was NOT a costume, but then again neither was mine really, except the lunch pail and choker. Okay maybe just the lunch pail.

The rest of my trip was kind of a weed haze hanging out in the tl or the mission. I have to get on my flight now I'll upload also how I learned to take creep pictures with my phone. and leave you with this recap video of my trip

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  1. hahah it's weird you were here and I didn't see you?!?! I love the internet!!!