I love to walk up to a club and see my mother straddling a Kawasaki hahaha. I'm kind of annoyed today, I actually love being hung over I find you notice a lot of really weird shit when you're dulled to some of your sense's, I feel like I'm Daredevil or something, but I'm annoyed because all these queens are trying to be shady to me about this fuckin wig I threw in a blender last week at an after-party. First off, don't let a bunch of wasted queens at your house to do meth if you are going to go crazy and push one of them down the stairs (true story! it sounded like it hurt! I thought I was gonna have to call an ambulance! and the dude she pushed down the stairs wasn't even that messy...) and then freak out about some god damn wig in some god damn blender. I used to have this beautiful jumbo champagne flute in a muted gold color that I would always drink out of because I love to have the biggest glass in a room, and someone broke her, and what do you do? You fuckin move on. It's just stuff, ya'll! And anyway the blender was fine and the wig was cheap, no matter what who says about it, I just can't respect this rapturous worship of material things. Don't get me wrong, I am the queen of shit, I have a vaster and crazier and more solid wardrobe and shitty tchotchke collection than 90% of these queens, but you gotta let it all go! That shit ain't gonna take care of you. That wig wasn't gonna put his strong arm around you and make you feel safe at night. If it did you woulda stayed home and not drug a bunch of drunk queens home with you from the bar in the first place, you'd be cooking that wig dinner and nagging him when he fell asleep in front of the tv and was too tired to have sex. Whatever. People need someone to be mad at sometimes, and a lot of time I fit that bill. I can pretty much be whatever you want me to be.
Oops, that woulda been a good one.

Pic of the week!

I got to DJ in front of this ice cream shop on the sidewalk for all these kids and families and gays, it was really fun! Jane Wiedlin was there! She's such a cutie. Perks!

Well, whatever.

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