I'm determined to write my memoirs now. I'm reading Bambi Lake's book and it is actually incredible, written very simply and succinctly but in a really beautiful way, she is actually a totally amazing writer. Or was. I don't know, I think it was written before like...the worst of her drug times or something. It comes off very clear-headed, but that could also be good editing. It's all about editing I think. I feel that way about people, too, like if you can really take it upon yourself to edit out the negativity out of your personality you can be way happier. Not that I have the secret to happiness OBVIOUSLY I mean look at the way I look in profile. It looks like they slapped a fall and some make-up on a waterfowl and let her lurch around behind the bar. I love bar tending though, kind of, I have to do it on tip toes depending on what heels I wear because they get stuck in the mats, but I think if I did it out of drag and did it often I'd be really good at it. Barry says I "dance gracefully" behind the bar. The Service Arts.

Love these queens.
That's my girl Cristalette, she makes really sexy crazy dresses, love her.

Detour indeed...

Roy, whose grubby paws haven't dirtied Sore in way too long, was in town last week. The rest of these were taken by her. If you didn't know she was the originator of the Walgreens camera. Fuck you, bitch.

That look pretty much sums it all up. Can she get a second please?! x

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  1. roy has MY nail color!!! and she wears it better :'(