Being straight must just be absolutely insane, probably why the world is set up so haphazardly, how could they have time to make it chic and cute with all that other drama going on? I went through this phase as a kid where I was definitely gay and kept rationalizing it off as a phase, haha, like "This is just a phase you're going through, you'll get into girls soon but for now...!" in order to guiltlessly enjoy like feverishly jacking off to some tan Ken Doll porno where nobody had any hair on them (got over that phase soon enough) like a horny little rabbit freak. Lucky for you gay freak is one phase I never got out of. That reminds me of this time when I was 19 and trying to sleep all coked up in my genius, older hairdresser friend's living room and he crept down the stairs in nothing but tube socks and a robe, glowingly pale like a horny moon baby, and draped himself on top of me and breathed into my ear for a few minutes, squeezing my side every few seconds, in an unsuccessful attempt to get sexy with me. Honestly I probably would do it if it happened now, which is weird. But I remember his breath came in tiny little gasps like what I imagined a baby rabbit's or a hummingbird's to. I saw the breeder rabbit my sister had as a kid jizz on my dad's hand once. True story. Anyway...I love Los Angeles it's so fun and weird, maybe it's just the people but I think it's great, it's just like a really gritty suburb or something. Not that I notice arcitecture really I just mean the vibe. Love it.

Love you girls! Where'd everybody go now? I just texted my roommate that I was going to kill him and eat his dick so I could enslave his soul forever within me, and then ate an entire bag of chips. Like a big one. 'Til the wheels fall off. xo

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