Switching over from all caps. Oops. What's up with her? Life is so hectic! Love it. I got to take two vacations this month. So fun. I don't even know though I feel like my life is actually a pretty hard vacation from reality almost all the time. Pretty much right in line with my teenage fantasy of what adult gay life would be. Clubs, drugs, sex, house music. Damn there are way too many pictures of Tori Amos around here. Anyway, we went to the river, it was a really good trip, lots of Kylie Minogue and lots of fucking shit/poop/fart jokes and pantomiming vomiting and maybe some real vomiting too, who remembers that night anyway?

You fags look like shit! Guerneville is so cool. It's gotten a little...something, though. Our girl don't manage that "resort" no more so they try to have like "rules" like you can't wander around naked with open containers. Come on it's California.

Someone thieved my jacket and I lost my phone, unless it was the same culprit, I dunno, all I know is we ended up putting on a god damn show for some guy named Hollywood who works at Verizon in Petaluma and I have a new phone and two working phone lines. Believe me it sounds chicer than it is. If I thought nobody called me when I had one phone, shit. But anyway I don't care about the stuff. Let it go. We're renting out our hall closet so I have to scale down on my outerwear anyway. Take it all. It was fun though we put on shows in the piano bar for a bunch of oldies. I'm gonna start identifying as an "entertainer" I think that's beyond apt! AND you're welcome.

Daddy does drag!

Why I oughtta... x

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