Well, I'll tell you what I think about men, science and the truth. I had this really amazing 8 foot tall red-head muscular Amazon warrior princess of an Anthropology teacher who was from Germany and one time she went on this really beautiful and important and life-changing tirade at anyone in the class who accepted as fact that men and women develop differently in regards to their musculature and potential for athletic achievement. The studies and statistics that would prove these differences are all colored, she said, by a person's cultural background and their beliefs, proof in point being that in Germany they aren't taught like that and thus women are way more active in athletics. When someone asked why women are smaller, then, she said it's because they internalize this cultural attitude that girls can't do as much and so they just flat out don't do as much. She was super pissed about it. That was an eye opening day (and also the only day I went to that class, lucky me I picked the right one!). Sorry, not trying to get heavy, this is all in reference to an argument I had with my roommate about the validity and fallibility of the scientific method. I think it's all bullshit. A group of men can't tell me nothin'. And I also totally buy that your perspective is going to totally effect your take on even something that should seem totally objective.

It's like, ok, I was hanging out with this guy, well we fooled around once, and he's really hot and cool, and then we were talking for awhile, and then one night at the Stud he proceeds to drunkenly tell me that he believes in his heart of hearts that Courtney killed Kurt! And here's where my perspective colors what I take to be true: you could show me the most infallible evidence that she arranged for his murder and I would completely reject it and, besides that, regardless of what even did happen, I will always take her side, and any woman's who kills a man, for that matter. I mean like...duh. "Live Through This"...? "Celebrity Skin"...? Hellooooo.

So yeah the truth is just like...who cares?

I DJ'd this store, they set me up in the window like the living mannequin that I am. So fun.

A match made in heaven...?!

"Truth Is" by Fantasia is a good reference here. The truth is...I'm hungry. x

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