I was jacking off today and right after I came I was breathing kind of heavy and slumped back in the chair and my gaze went level with my desk and a spider was crawling across it. The light was really bright but gray and washed everything out and the whole thing felt really weird or cute or something. This one goes out to La Monistat, the most supportive mother a freaky young queen could ever ask for. Got two killer shows from her here. Pictures still bubbling up from like 3 weeks ago, further proof that time and reality have just fractured for me. Ask me what's going on right now and I really couldn't say!

Might as well toss this one in for good measure. I give you, Kreayshawn, produced by my roommate Adeptus. This was shot right here in our ashram/apartment.

Willy wins again...

Truly life-altering performance!!! Inspired us to stay up watching that dvd like 3 nights in a row. Love Barbra...I might like Monistat's better?!

Damn. I'm wasting away! Quick, how do you gain weight on an almost no-carb diet? Just a little around the edges, I don't wanna go up a size or anything.

Hey look I still go to punk shows! Grant is a music dude from when I was a teenager in Kansas City, totally mystical and hot. His band Million Brazilians are really crazy. Everyone kept complaining about the way the house smelled but I found its musk really envigorating. I sort of hooked up with this punk dude the other night actually and his smell was on me all day. I love it. I really only shower like once every two weeks, anyway, and I only do that to rinse my hair with Radiant Red and keep it from knotting up haha.

I need to calm down. x

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