Well, I'm almost done with my third glass of wine at my mom's house. I haven't eaten all day. I haven't really slept in like...I dunno a month? This weekend was so fun. I'm really appreciating San Francisco right now, specifically my bizarre and hilarious and amazing living situation. I feel very lucky right now. Gregory was in town which is always a big "Thank Lourdes," girl really gets me and makes me laugh and pushes me to new heights of getting, yeah, crazy. Have you ever been in a k-hole in Golden Gate Park? It's like...really something. He's like the best pretend boyfriend though. Really fun, no drama, no sex, either, but, shit, girls...if you could see my sad and mottled sexual history you would agree, if I never have sex again, I've had enough. Like. I've had...A LOT. of sex. Hotties, grossies. Like shit. That's why I just don't get sex parties. Like, it's 2010, this shit is not margianalized, you really don't have to like have a party to have sex anymore, you know? Shit I sucked a huge dick on the street like a few months ago. On the god damn street! And there's these queens whose whole life it seems like is organizing a sex party? We went to one on Friday and she was YEAH so stoned that she literally stood in front of the food table and ate everything on it. I mean everything. I love eating. Oh also it was Folsom. Gay High Holidays. I dunno. Fuck I'm like drunk now.

Oh btw I'm so not quitting sex. Bring it on. I'm just saying. I got other shit going on. Sex isn't edgy anymore. It's just like normal.

See? It's a good book.

Mom's birthday! Looking so good.

Uh. Yeah. Folsom.

The bitch was waiting for me outside my house...

This is me at the bus stop in a k-hole. Woo! Well my mom and I are drunk and fighting. SO FUCKING REAL here right now you have no idea. I'm like...on the verge of cabbing it to a motel. xo

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