Today I was in corpse pose at yoga and in the midst of ex-bf drama and offensive tribal tattoos. Ok I'll stop myself right there. I am from the Midwest and owing to that or just owing to a general appreciation for all things gross and stupid I find tribal tattoos hot in a weird way, kind of in the way that (in theory) I think an amputee is hot, or like dread locks are hot, it's like I see enough of a well-formed jaw, light facial hair, flannel shirt and perfect chest hair, enough already of things that actually turn em on, give me something that really weirds me out, THAT is the real shit that I'm hot for. I like scowly guys with sunken in eyes and misproportioned features and yea sometimes I can get a boner for a big, sick tribal tattoo. So anyway...I'm in corpse pose...oh fuck it I don't even know what I was gonna say. I tried to envision all the negative energy fleeing my body, flushing down a long tube to the center of the earth and reclaiming all my positive energy that I'd left around (I learned those tricks from Amy) and I had a vivid vision (eyes closed) of an inky blackness pouring away from my field of view and sinking away from me and then found myself in a stark white room for just a second...or was it an hour who knows?

Can we just forget time, what if we just never sweated it would it even exist? I feel like it's kind of a straight people thing. Little ways they tryna keep us down. Gossip Girl should be 6 hours long every week and you know it. You know I don't remember when these pictures are from AT ALL I really mean it. But they're good.

"Men - They're Not All Bad"

All the trannies say, "When are you gonna get your tits, Alexis, when are you gonna get your tits?!" Um, I'm not, though they do look like fun. No fuck it they don't I don't need any extra weight. It's like Jesus putting a pebble in his shoe, admirable but so not for me. Love ya'll freaks. xo

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