Being gay is so hilarious. So much stupid bullshit that we just accept as normal and even try to elevate as like cultured or chic or something. Like all this kissing? Hi, hi, how are you? Kiss on the cheek, a kiss on each cheek, a kiss on one, then the other, then the first again, kiss on the lips if you know them well, but definitely not if you're wearing a lip, unless you're both wearing a similar shade and then a peck is fine, or maybe just clasped hands and an air kiss will suffice, sometimes a kiss on the hand if the man is a gentleman and you're in drag, I just made friend with these Aussies who are really into hugging? I dunno it's all so hilarious. Everybody got their funny way to do it. I go to a club and I'm kissing like 60 cheeks in the course of half an hour. I love it when I have a cold I'm like damn I'm really gonna kiss this cold onto a lot of cheeks tonight. And if I'm wasted and lose my balance I sometimes do the cheek-check where I run my cheek bone into theirs really hard on accident. Sorry about that...

Anyway. I'll do anything. I ain't got shit to lose cuz everything I need is right inside here, you know?

Hi, Mom!

Stunning. x

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