Might have to start taking pics with these shits, they were some Fujis I think on sale at Dillons in Lawrence, KS, which Roy geniusly figured out is right next to the address of the queen who posts a personal ad in the back of literally EVERY Handjobs magazine for like the past 10 years. We stood in the parking lot and looked up at his building...

I might've said this but awhile ago I got really crazy on drugs and booze and screamed at this what I perceived as straight boring couple at this party, well first of all, I'm learning to hang around people that aren't exactly like me or know who I am and not have to just fit the stereotype of young freak show, also I'm getting older so it's not like I'm drastically younger than most people anymore like I felt I was for so long, ew I can't believe I'm like in my mid-twenties almost! Ack! Secondly I'm trying not to spew negativity, it's just like insecurity really, I mean I literally do believe that gay people were created as nature's way of giving humanity the finger, i.e. stop procreating, stop fucking up the planet, it was fun but now it's done, so as an agent of the extinction of my own species I take a personal revelry in talking shit to straight people and I love not procreating, but still, we're all pretty much gay and straight people aren't even that bad, they're like antiques, everybody loves antiques. Also my recent ex was at the party. I dunno it was just a mess, I've changed a lot since then, but my point being the girl I screamed at has been really gracious about accepting my apology, I wouldn't even normally be put into the position but she is a performer in the community and I went to see her one woman show on Saturday and it was fucking amazing, and our references are so similar, so I was like, boy do I feel stupid. Moral being don't judge a book by it's cover I guess? I dunno. Also if I'm wasted in an asymetrical burgundy slip with my dick hanging out and my make-up smeared all over my face please DO NOT take anything I say seriously...or maybe that's when I say the most serious things of all?! But I do respect forgiveness, especially because believe it or not I've been shit on a lot of shitty times myself and I just keep coming back for more, many of my best friends are crazy, I mean, all cool people are. We gotta forgive each other ya'll, we didn't mean it.

Anyways, am I insane? I don't know how I got this far into drag but it happened and here I am. It's fun here, you can just play at being whoever and whatever you want, and if you're nice and good at it people will respect and support you. Life lessons.

Oh one more things these pics are from Mr. David Glamamore's birthday, she is one of the sweetest most talented queens I ever met and massively supportive, love you girl, thanks for letting me pal around with ya'll.
I love backstage it's so fun.

Donna Persona. So funny and amazing. We were pressing through the insane crowd, like literally wall to wall people, and she turns to me and says in a deadpan, "It's too bad nobody came tonight." Love her.

I'm fucking hungover.

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