I get you, girl. Saw her strip in the laundry mat once. I mean where would you tan if you didn't have a yard? I think about it sometimes. I started smoking pot. Ok, like twice. It's really never been a thing for me at all but it gets cold and kinda boring and rainy and I just wanna get high and wax philosophical about Celine Dion videos and shit. I guess the self-perpetuating myth of my "dry spell" is sort of over, had a couple weird nights with some dick involved this week, but like, I still don't get it. Life, reality, even fantasy. Fuck it.

Well, this was funny. I think I will call this new thing I like to do "communing." Some bogus sex horoscope was telling me that as an Aquarius I prefer mutual masturbation out of all sex, and...I dunno. I fooled this guy with a girlfriend into getting naked with me and sitting on opposite ends of my bed so we could just look at eachother. He got hard, we did poppers, I made him watch me jack off. Something about that was infinitely more satisfying than some of the sex I've had. I...am a creep. And none of you wanted to know about this. Hahaha anyway. The other night on molly I had a guy over and I have a hazy memory of a big dick and flipping out for a poem that he had written and grinding my teeth a lot, but other than that...I dunno, fuck sex, I just wanna get naked, do drugs and be weird for awhile. Oh and go to every drag show. Duh.

This flash is so harsh. It gives people such an otherworldly glow, it's almost like I'm photographing angels...

October at Aunt Charlie's often means cobwebs stuck in the fan.

This one is so special to me! Love you, Jason.

About to hit up an open bar. Let's stop moralizing ideas. Good, bad, etc. Fuck it. It's an idea. That's all that matters. x

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