Kinda speechless tonight. Lotsa drugs, lotsa yoga. Oh, shit, gurl, I don't know how it happened but after the lights came up at Aunt Charlie's last night Myles dropped "It's Raining Men" and the next thing I knew I was crowd surfing for the entire song, full bar lights up, trying to emote and also trying not to break my neck and die, a bunch of strong dudes dancing and holding me up, it was so insane. Such a gay dream. Life is so hilarious.

Vikki Marlene

I love this insane bitch. I wanna know what her deal is. She always has totally crazy meth mouth and an insane look. Also loving the bottle of Stella. So classy.
Hi Joshua. Miss you.

It literally is Halloween every god damn day around here. Not impressed by this upcoming weekend though I'm sure I'll be a happy little drunk clam.

Wonder what that was supposed to be? Just...stillness. Love ya'll. x

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