My family is very dramatic. Like, seriously. Myself included. And we are all very smart and really good with words. The fighting in my household growing up and persisting into the present has really become a high art. "Tears fall on your face and they freeze!" is one of my favorite quotes from my Mom, said through gritted teeth on the way to dinner at my Grandma's because my dad was critiquing her driving. She's a scary driver actually. Like three different hygiene items, mascara wand, brush, lip gloss, a cell phone and a bottle of water AND the god damn steering wheel. So crazy.

I informed my family that visiting home felt like I was an alien visiting another planet. So dramatic, too, hahaha. Cut from the same crazy wine-soaked cloth. Anyway I don't know why I'm talking about this. This week was crazy. I feel like I really got down with some old friends and also burned a lot of bridges. A former lover informed me he wishes I didn't exist. This reminds me of when I was really scrappy in highschool and my straight friend who did Kung Fu used to call me the Gay Tornado hahaha. I still kind of am. I'll spin into your life, rearrange everything, tear down the shit I don't like, but leave you a lot of space to build new shit. I guess that's totally insane. For me it seems like a cool thing though?! You may wish I never happened but you definitely won't forget me!

Why am I single?!

Hahahaha my corset.

Went to Kansas City. Why do all the pictures suddenly get so hazy there?! I mean it definitely felt that way, shit.

Time for some serious "me" time, if you know what I mean. Shit. x

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