Vivyanne serving Courtney reading the suicide note, killing it, looks, lips, all of it. Too crazy.

I can't bring myself to hate on George W. Bush, I think that's so dumb. It's like do you hate Heidi Montag? Or any celebrity for that matter? I feel like the most popular, mainstream celebrities and cultural figures are just hyper-accurate representations of who we are as a society. Bush is/was the total zeitgeist for those years he was prez, he was exactly like the weird jock dudes at my highschool (who all loved Bush, cuz their dads did, and straight guys are obsessed with their dads, unlike gay guys, who just wanna fuck their dads) - kind of mean, kind of homophobic but would be nice to your face, totally retarded but occasionally funny, obsessed with themselves and their dads. He's like the every-American dad. All the coastal, big city born-and-raised faggots may not get this, but I know my Midwest girls know what I mean. He like IS affluent white middle America, like all those millions of kind of scared, boring white people created him just by vibing on the same mainstream groove.

I think all popular figures are like that - Bigfoot, Britney, Gaga, Karen Carpenter, Anna Nicole, the Mothman, whatever - zeitgeists of a certain vibe at one moment in time that's felt by enough people, even if for just a second. We manifest them into being and then the vibe passes and neither they nor us know what else to do with them. It's like a way over-crowded pantheon of demigods. I love it. I won't hate on any of em. Sometimes I wonder too if the existence of someone who is so the epitome of normal, by the laws of equality and balance, mandates the existence of freaks like me? Yin and yang and all that shit. It makes sense. Oh and for the record, I think that there are a few who, like Hercules, pop in for their moment and then wrest control of their own destinies, rechristening themselves as divine in their own right. Madonna, Beyonce...Barbra? I gotta think about it some more.

The High Fantasy Family! Love my girls.

That dog was so cute. She was ruining lives all up and down the god damn block.

That last one is a lil' Thanksgiving teaser! I'm excited to see those cuz I actually blacked the whole day out, so catatonically stoned. xo


  1. ugh!! this is so onpoint will you please write the college papers i'm trying to do right now????

  2. hello I dropped out of college for a reason!

  3. I TOTALLY UNDERSTAND!!!! you are clarity in the vapor world