In a nutshell...

I love a well-executed Halloween costume! I've never seen a Little Edie before. So good! She was doing the moves, too. Then again, aren't we all, always?! I definitely feel like her at least once every day. Especially when I put on a skirt.

The High Fantasy family. Love you girls. Yeah, wow, this week has been, yeah, wow. I got hard into the Halloween scenarios I wasn't expecting to, seeing as I'm in a costume every blessed day of my life anyway, it's all kind of "the thrill is gone" and also having been in a relationship for the 3 previous ones kind of really sapped my appreciation for them. Well, let's be honest, a relationship can often sap your appreciation for everything. It's hard to have fun when you're sweating when you guys are gonna get to be cute and go to bed together and yata yata yata, so exhausting! Being a single girl in the city is definitely letting me experience shit through new eyes. I'm even gonna go into Christmas, fuck it, just to see if I actually hate it or if it was just circumstances. It might help that I'm not planning on going home, thank God. Last year was a doozie. My mom wasted and screaming, having already somehow yanked the door knob off of my aunt's front door?! "YOU NEVER CALL ME!!!" Yeah, Merry Christmas to you too, ya loon. Maybe I'll make another (personal) record-breaking jack-off video (ala 2008's X-MAS DAY JACK-OFF, look it up...) this year. Maybe (hopefully) I'll immaculately conceive. But yeah, ol' Hallows was cute, me and Joshua and Jose Cuervo really did it up. Then some sports thing happened and the entire city went shitty crazy, that was cute but kind of annoying, go burn a mattress somewhere else, shit, how you tryna get so excited over a sports thing? I told Myles that I wouldn't even get that excited if Gaybama decided to deport all the straight people and turn it into Gaymerica. I mean, duh it'd rule but I wouldn't be like burning shit in the street, I'd take a hit or 10 of poppers and move on. Straight people should do more poppers. Somebody come woo me I'm lonely. Byeee.


  1. this blogspot needs more cockshots.

  2. 2008's X-MAS DAY JACK-OFF, Can't find it anywhere.