This week has been so funny.

I feel like I've made a lot of new friends.
I was kind of mellowly bumming for awhile but that wave crashed and receded.
Yeah it's been fun! Really wasted lately. I love how gays always bring out the ketamine for holidays. Like nobody ever has it until Pride, Folsom or Halloween. I don't think Thanksgiving or Christmas will be featuring that vibe but I bet I'll be dragging my ass out of a hole on January 1st...

Love my boys.

Hot Europeans!

There was a YEAH raccoon just sauntering down Market street. God, the Castro is SO touristy. Just kidding. I miss that little cutie.

Lots of hot underrage boys running around lately.

Gay Hulk! So good.

Ok I actually have to get something done this week. Wanna like come over, read a book and cuddle? Hello? What... x

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