Well, some bitch said this blog needed more cockshots, I guess there's none here but here's an implied one. I'm kinda bummed that the one of me sitting on the other side of the room naked with a semi, cocktail in one hand, Chinese fan in the other, didn't turn out so I just won't even delve into details about this situation. I just ate a dollop of hummus off the floor and I'm learning an Alicia Keyes song for tonight. Life is such a bizarre video game. Love ya'll.

Store opening. Got drunk and cranky cuz my ex was there and only took two pictures, but they're of like my eternal favorite and my new favorite, so whatever. The store is really cute though, definitely best vintage in the East Bay.

I'm such a freak I think he looks hot beard or no, half drag, full drag, brows done, whatever weird ass shit you're wearing you little chameleon I'm right there with you, tongue draggin' the floor, hello big wide world, I'm in love with Stanley Frank. Just so you know, I GET WHAT I WANT. Just kidding. I get what I need...but if I need you...
THIS was a legendary backstage. Veronica Klaus, Tina Benez and Gina LaDivina.