Last post of 2010 (whatever the hell THAT means) and it's a twink fest. You're welcome.

WOW I look so insane. What a rough look that was. Your drunk aunt put on something sexy and stumbled down to dinner...
Hahahaha. I think this is really cool. Definitely one to send home to mom.
So, I adopted two babies. I had the express privilege of spending 48 hours straight with these two darling boys, we even slept in bed together two nights in a row! It's like a really progressive love story, "sister-wives, but cuter," I feel really lucky. I spend so much time alone that so much socialization was kind of a shock but a sexy one. I mean hello, look at them! I definitely won the lotto at the orphanage. Love you boys.

Would you let this adopt you? Don't answer that.

Ugh, get outta here with that.

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