This bitch almost burnt down my house, totally making me reevaluate what I actually value, materially, and in people. Kind of sick of dealing with other people's problems, though I think that is a talent of mine. I even got prophecized to at this insane Christmas party in LA on Sunday about how God has been calling me my entire life to heal. Probably shouldn't be writing this out if I am trying to side-step my destiny, but, you know me, all out there. I really just wish everyone would turn the mirror on themselves more often. Especially performers who are being photographed constantly, how can you look at pictures of yourself so much but never once cast a skeptical eye at the shitty way you act? I'm talking to you, bitch. I mean I will act like a total freak whore maniac but I never put anybody's life or livelihood on the line, that's for god damn sure. I just wouldn't want to deal with it. Just gimme my food, my booze, my silks and fineries and make-ups and my music and my bay windows and leave me be. Act as crazy as you want, at my club, so I can take pictures of it, or better yet, on the street, but not in my god damn house. Shit.

Ok, I want to amend that, in the interests of punk. Get pissed and burn someone's house down, totally crazy and punk and who's gonna fault you for it, other than the federal government, whoever THAT is. But get retarded at someone else's house, watch a fire happen, get put out, and then just split and try to pretend like it didn't happen, leaving the aftermath for someone else to clean up? That's just lazy.

Love you daddy Johnny, miss you!
All da young dudes.

I got my vacation in LA gracias a dios, exactly what I needed. That place is so dreamy to me. I mean California in general is but the people in LA definitely have something that really excites me or maybe it's just that they just dress better?
Free show, ya'll.
Bedtime stories.

Kind achey today. Love you guys. x

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