My friend was tripping out to me that he'd been on two dates with two different guys where it ended at making out, and what was he exuding, some kind of don't fuck me vibe? I totally get that but I was just like girl, take it from me, sometimes there's nothing that you can or cannot do that's gonna change whether somebody fucks you. Like, pretty much every guy I know is obsessed with me, but sexually? That's a totally different t. I always fall into that trap where I'm like, ok, if they just saw how butch I am when I'm out of drag, or knew how well-read I am, or saw what I freak I am when I top, they would totally have sex with me and probably fall in love with me, too, but actually...if it's not there, it's not there. I don't know what that little magic thing is that makes you wanna fuck the shit out of one guy but makes you puke in your mouth at the thought of fucking a seemingly totally similar guy, even somebody you totally like and think is cool. Attitude? Looks? Pheremones? But whatever it is, it's not worth tripping over. Sex is so whatever anyway. It's like I'm not tripping about breathing, I know it's gonna happen one way or another unless I'm underwater, and San Francisco is definitely the opposite of being underwater if elligible gay guys are air...But...I'm still holding out for about 15 of my friend crushes to see me at that exact right butch moment or fall in love with my intellect. Haha. Hurry up guys I'm horny.

Anyway here's my favorite hook-up site acquisitions of the week. People are cool.

She captioned this one, "I am hot." Genius.

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