AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH. That's what they make us do in yoga, this big collective retarded breath, it actually feels really good. Try it. Anyway, I feel good, the new moon strolled in (about time, bitch), Chinese New Year happened and we crossed the threshold of the one year anniversary of High Fantasy (TIMELESS) and now I'm on vacation in LA just loving life. Really focusing on moisturizing, exercising, eating right (except this week, heeey Yogurt Land) and shit, partying more, dressing better, you know, the important things in life. Feeling pretty sexy and lucky right now.
Just hangin with my two boyfriends, sup babes?

My eldest warrior.
The fierce children.

Supsup, wanna see a picture of me looking gross? Was probably turned that way cuz I had a boner.

So TIMELESS went off without a hitch. In fact I still kind of feel like I'm there, which I guess is the point. It was fun. Thanks for the support ya'll. We're gonna keep putting on as fucked up a show as we possibly can so...stop by, never leave!

My daughter Hillary Banks. She got moves, ya'll. I'm very proud.

Nobody ever said lip synching supposed to be pretty.

I had the privelege of featuring Roxanne, who's fairly fresh in from Berlin to San Francisco, at the club for the first time and what a fucking privelege it was. Just...imagine.

Ok back to vacation, byeeee.

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