This older divorcee was commenting on some residual glitter on my face and I copped to being a drag queen and she started telling me how she's been getting into kink and tranny porn and all this crazy stuff. So cool. She comes to the city a few times a week to get into it and she remarked how most people in the world are only gonna know San Francisco from a post-card but how lucky we are that we get to see it in person and experience it. I like that. I saw a bomb sunset on the train coming back from the East Bay today it was so pretty. I've always been mellowly awed by city life, even in Kansas City I would walk around downtown sometimes and just stare up at how tall the buildings were, such a nice contrast to the weird empty but constantly lit skyline of the suburbs, though I do appreciate the trees. What is this freakin This American Life or something? Whatever I just wanted to say. I showed her pictures of me in drag and she loved it and one other customer said I look hot. Thanks ladies! Oh Happy Valentines day, ya'll.

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