My legs look good.

Look at these cuties. Man family is fucked, I don't know, I've been thinking a lot about filial obligation and all of that boring inherited bullshit, at this point I'm like...are your blood relatives really that important? I mean, think about your parents. From the moment that you're a zygote they have placed such insane and unrealistic expectations on you. They expect that you will look like them, grow up with morals, values, ideals and appreciations mirroring theirs, that no matter what fucked up bullshit they do to you, you'll love them unconditionally, and what's more you'll follow a career path of their choosing so as to be able to support them when they're older! That is so fucking crazy! You pour all of that shit onto a baby, no wonder she's fucking crying when you haul her out of the womb, she's 0 years old she doesn't need all that responsibility already, shit...so rude.

I get that you are related genetically and like indellibly tied together, but maybe genetically it's even better to strike away from that situation, for the sake of genetic diversity. Like you got a bunch of Romanovs sticking together and in-breeding for generations and they all end up with hemophilia, or you breed a family of Siberian tigers insularly enough over the course of time and of course they turn beautiful and white but they're all blind and retarded...

I guess I'm just at the point where, it's 2011, I don't need an inherited system of values that's clearly not making my parents happy, so how they think it's gonna work for me? I mean my parents are hella cool, on paper, but they're in some really bizarre self-created suburban purgatory and I just can't even deal. Which I guess is where our own self-created drag and gay famillies come in...I don't wanna go into that too hard because I hate sweeping generalisations about the way straight culture makes gay people act, but I will say I got a really cute family here. Love my boys. My eldest just came in and is telling me how he took himself to the hospital to get a "small arthropod" removed from his ear. How proud we must be...

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