My boys.
Sam Flax & Higher Color (featuring my guru/healer/stylist Amy Blaustein on the keys) are the coolest looking band ever! And coolest sounding. The Bay Area's true sleeper hit. He sounds like if Huey Lewis and Brian Eno gay adopted. So cool.

My babies.

My grandmas.

Oscar and Oscar hahaha. She dressed up for Mardi Gras.

I can't remember who that is. Did I sleep with you? My brows were perfect that night how did I do that?

Myles and I spontaneously decided to give up candy for lent. I called my mom finally and she informed me that she wasn't giving up shit. I support that. It's hard for me as a moral-less sociopath to really get into like giving things up or abstaining from things, except in reference to what I put in my body because I have a really sensitive stomach, so I basically don't eat anything, but I will binge out hard on some chocolate, and it's really just like not good for you (duh, sorry, I'm getting all Gwyneth Paltrow)...It's just like as as society we've created so many magical things that don't exist, like refining sugar to the point that it's more addictive than cocaine (read that in Details hahaha), I love a lot of it, and I love a lot of technology, but a lot of it is really crazy. I wonder if it is contributing to my detachment from reality. Who am I? What is this? I'm nervous to say that I've crossed a threshold and I'll never go back. That's fine though. Whatever. Who cares. I ain't givin up shit. Well except for candy. Those after-Easter sales at Walgreens, though, it's on.

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