My fish hella died, it was fairly anticlimactic, I changed the water wrong or something, she turned gray, then turned normal but keeled over two days later, I do miss her, it was cute to have some movement in the room, I feel bad, but I rescued her from a tiny like UA cup at the dollar store so I think she had a good run of it. I wrapped her tank in a fucking mink for crying out loud. I was sadder than I expected though.

Pets are hella weird.

I definitely got my first pet as an adult as a boyfriend substitute, and that snowballed into me living in an apartment with I think 5 cats before I moved to California, and I brought one here with me, but don't have her anymore...yeah pets are hella weird. I'm allergic to cats anyway so that doesn't work for me anymore. And I don't do substitutions anymore. Trying to find as much fulfillment as I can from within me and the shit that I do. It becomes pretty self-involved at times though. It's kinda nice when something comes along and mucks it all up for a second. Woah getting hella deep. R.I.P. Katarina Penney! You drunk whore.

Look at my daughter, ain't she the spittin' image? I'm sorry. I'm so sorry.

She's also an amazing performer. Like truly. Totally proud of her.

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