Remember IBR weekend?! I don't. Thanks for the refresher, Kodak. There was a lot going on. The beautiful Princess Gisele was in town, the beautiful Princess Gregory was in town, I performed in my first ever Trannyshack, as Tinkerbell in a really high-concept Peter Pan ensemble number of Ambrosia's to Fleetwood Mac's "Silver Springs." That was funny. The scene backstage was pretty out of control, I wish I had thought to get pics. Bear culture is so hilarious, people really get wild at the thought of hundreds of bears from all over the world descending on San Francisco, like, obviously my role in a weekend like that is hazy at best (court jestress?) but I still went a little wild. Slipped and fell in a k hole by pure accident, swear, that was funny. Gays and drugs and drag and...

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