Um, yeah, he chugged that Long Island. Ugh my bindi just fell off as I was writing this.

Brande's hair! I want mine like that!

Juani < 3

I had the most bizarre dream that this local dude was way hotter than he was and he was grinding on me at this glamorous club where Teengirl Fantasy was playing, and after each show TGF was collecting all the old food from the clubs and giving it to this crazy like punk/junkie chick who was hitch hiking along with them on tour across the country just so she could enjoy their music and eat all this filthy garbage food at the end of the night, and then we were in this surreal suburban amalgam of like my parent's house and houses I spent time in growing up and Edward Scissorhands, my mom was there in some overblown manifestation being weird as usual. I haven't called her in forever.

Anyway I have a crush on this guy of course. Well today it seems to have gotten better. I hate when you really connect with someone but they for some reason or other don't wanna sleep with you or date you. Because it seems so rare that people actually make connections, though in reality I feel like I make a lot of really potent connections, but they get lost in the shuffle of mind and memory sometimes because so many of my interactions are so superficial. But I have to keep asking myself, what would I do if he wanted to date me? My last two (and only real) relationships were so bizarre...but important in their own ways. I mean everything is important. Because nothing is, I guess...I guess it would be cool to have a boyfriend but also annoying, so...we'll see. I trust the universe. Maybe the fact that our world views are so similar bodes terribly for us as boyfriends, or maybe he's just not into drag queens. I wonder if I would date me? I don't really care honestly. It's all fun. I'm watching this girl with really cool hair walk by, I want a perm!

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  1. alex i love you! you're never superficial. always genuine ...and theyre relationshits...trust me.. : (