What is there to say even?

I got such lovely men in my life.
And women.

Also a lot of people tell me "Yes." when they should be telling me "NO!" hahahaha this look?!

The most beautiful woman I know.
The twins.

The empty nesters are adjusting slowly but surely. We got some better lighting up in this place, that's nice. I septn an evening jacking off alone on ketamine, that was nice, left me feeling kinda underwhelmed by everything. I got ripped off by this super crazy meth head John which was really a bummer, like usually when I get my soul sucked out by a disgusting experience I get a paltry material token in return, like a diamond or $200-$300, but instead I got $57, minus my cab fare, as if! I will say I'm at my peak of virility and masculinity though, which is odd considering I've also reached a new apex of femininity, or maybe I've just completely slid off that see-saw and I'm just mucking around in some weird genderless sentient alien puddle. Whatever.

Everything came together for me though on Sunday, Chastity Belle performed Judy Garland live at Carnegie Hall in its entirity, including in between song banter, she didn't miss a beat, she didn't miss a word, she didn't miss a breath, I was really stunned and excited. Was the best thing I've seen in awhile and such great music, and all the queens in the audience living, it was special. Judy Garland, what an American treasure, you can't even measure anything now by those standards, which is neither here nor there, I guess...Love you, Judy. xx

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