I had a really good time in New York. Such a weird amusement park there. Everything smells like food and there's tons of people everywhere and all the trains sound like roller coasters. Friends from back home, friends from here, new friends, it was cute.

This bitch put on a fucking SHOW. Soo proud of her and so excited to have been involved.

I also fell in love and am now in a beautiful committed lesbian relationship with Lauren Devine.
Some of the "Bent" cast.

Finally got to meet my favorite writer Karley, such a babe.
My son and his new bf.

It was nice to hang out with Alby again. We had this funny thing in high school and hadn't really talked at length since then. I got drunk and asked him about this one time where we almost but didn't have sex which has been bugging me for years hahaha. Thank god for closure.

"Just A Little Ready"

Future girl group!

Yeah, that was really fun!

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