Miss Vicki Marlane, the Lady with the Liquid Spine, 1935 - 2011
Left to Right: Aurora Styles, Miss Classy, Vicki, Miss Rahni

L to R: Gina LaDivina, Unknown, Rahni, Ambrosia Salad, Chastity Belle, Vicki

L to R: Gina, Vicki, Unknown, Aurora, Rahni

It's been 3 years since I relocated from Kansas City to San Francisco. Though my very first week there I threw my first party at the place I consider my home, Aunt Charlie's Lounge, it took me a number of months before I really started to feel like I understand the city and knew where to find the people that I felt akin to. I came of age in a really vibrant, bizarre and inspiring drag scene in KC so I felt the loss of that profoundly until I finally came to Aunt Charlie's on a Friday for the Hot Boxxx Girls.

Vicki Marlane was a living legend, slinking down the aisle in beads, sequins, chiffon and silk, commanding the reverence of the room and casting a spell on all those who watched. With a wave of her wrist and a backward arch of her back, she equally seduced and inspired. As one of my friends so aptly put it, "If Vicki was still doing it, we can still do it." Career drag seemed to have hit its apex in San Francisco in the 70s, but photo record of Vicki shows that she was always fabulous. The Hot Boxxx Girls was her pride and joy, Aunt Charlie's her eventual home and she gave a show-stopping, jaw-dropping, tear-to-your-eye performance every single time. Though I only made her acquaintance and began performing for her recently, I'm truly honored and awed to have been a part of her world. I nearly died the first time I picked up my phone to hear, "Alexis? This is Vicki Marlane..." Always immaculate but always kind, she would glance at my ripped tights and my weird hair and just smirk as only someone who has seen it all can. A true original, an emotive talent and an inspiration who paved the way for all of us, thank you Vicki. You are dearly missed. xo


  1. thanks for the fab photos....i miss miss vicki