Well, here I am in beautiful Waupaca, Wisconsin, first family vacay in 4 years. It's crazy, I've been here two days and I've completely blacked out my entire life before this. It's kind of a wild scene. Mostly everyone here is a drinker, so we have that...and that's about it haha. I was just saying how doing things you don't necessarily wanna do, like working a shitty day job, provides a nice contrast to make you appreciate when you actually have the time and ability to do what you want. Well, here I am. It's not that I don't want to be here, but it's definitely a personal challenge. Trying to really let go of the last shreds of my bitch persona and just accept my family for who they are.

The crazy thing about being up here is how horny it makes me! I spent every summer here as a kid just hoping, praying, lusting for romance, just wanting that gay coming of age movie summer fling which never happened. Well now that I'm drunk and alone for the moment (well my parents' bandmate who is actually super foxy 50 something bear who's really funny and has an amazing voice and loves Annie Lennox (!!!) is watching tv in this room vut everyone else is playing mini golf, which to me is the same experience whether I'm playing or just watching, zzz) I am like, have never had that much romance in my life. My long-term relationship was mostly just fighting. That meth head was kind of romantic for the first few days...Haha. Well, here I am in a small crazy tourist town on a lake looking for romance after I've been blowing off any guy at home that tries to date me. What is that about? I was walking home through the woods earlier and I swear there was a sasquatch watching me from the trees, that virile embodiment of nature given life by humanity's collective horror at the natural world from whence we came...He sounds hot. I'm going back out there...xx

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