Can't get over this busted rib. It feels so weird. Hi, Alexis here, writing from the fuckin loony bin that I've appropriately found myself in. Only due to get crazier, I'm sure, though nobody really tells me anything. Just gotta trust. Yeah this shit probably won't heal because I'm drunk on heals every night. Whatever.

Wanna hear something weird? A significant ex always had two freckles on the underside of his dick, though I mistook them for shit early on in our relationship, I grew fairly affectionate of them in the way that you start to like funny little signifiers that sets one person apart from another. Flash forward 4 some odd years (and some misguided and regrettable sex magick attempts to psychically win him back into my thrall immediately post-breakup...) and I have developed two IDENTICAL freckles on the underside of my dick in the EXACT same place. Fucking bizarre psychosexual bullshit.


  1. would like to see images of said freckles post-hastily.


    luv u! means it!