Performing with new friends and inspirations Total Accomplishment. They're amaaaazing. Hopefully this will be a regular thing. Stay tuned for a future release featuring my vocals!

I'll never get into this shit, but it's funny to look at. This guy had his balls tied to a buttplug in the other dude's ass.

New obsession Mindy Coco. She speaks 8 languages and has a masters degree in physics. Fucking incredible.
Hey sexy...

It's gonna be gross when I look back on this blog years from now and every post starts with me talking about how hungover I am, but seriously, I'm fucking wrecked from this weekend. Was so fun. I'm...just gonna rattle off some words I love. Kola Boof. Opalescent. Repurpose. Proselytize. Whatever I'm tired. xx

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