So, I fell down my stairs super wasted and was so hungover the next day that I didn't remember it, and I didn't really get down with my body until the next day, cuz I had the club and all that. Then I noticed I had these bruises, but I was kind of whatever about it, and I kept doing yoga and shit, and then it kept hurting and a week later I was feeling myself up (I guess for the first time that week? I was drunk a lot I guess) and my rib is like all out of wack, like the bottom one is pointed down or something? Kind of sick and crazy. Not sure what's up with that, seeing the doctor soon. I hate blacking out. This day we got so wasted at brunch on bottomless mimosas I broke out in hives. Such a sick freak. I swear I'm in control of myself. Hahaha nice joke.

Second drag wedding of the year that I was a bridesmaid at.

I was really stessing/hurting that night :/ but I looked great...

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