My sexy friends.

My beautiful drag mother and this guy I slept with once after his house burned down.

I was gonna tell you the t with all my neighbors but that's so gossipy! Suffice to say there are some gay crazy ones, and some straight boring ones who obviously hate us. I had to talk one of them down one night when we were being noisy, but I was in drag and was really level-headed and nice about it and he hasn't really complained (to our faces) since. Poor guy. You come down to put some kids in their place and a 6 foot tall warpainted androgyn answers the door and hypnotizes you into being apologetic about the fact that you and your baby are being kept up by some fags partying. It's funny how things work out sometimes. Our street is like Times Square for insane homeless people and drunk white people though so it really isn't exactly the place you wanna move for peace and quiet. I'm writing a song about it. Or attempting to.

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