Well, let's start at the beginning.
My life is insane.
I'm a working drag queen hustling for every $1 because somehow in this past year of weird false wind-falls and prostitution I've become too spoiled to work.
I really had a moment when we were washing off Victoria's cd in the sink on Friday, like, damn...this is your job?

Needless to say, I love this place.
Sissy <3

Wish I had a photo of her dipping that hot dog into the Cheeto bag! Genius.


That was really fun! And then my favorite band ever Miracles Club played and changed my life.

Looove these girls.

So, it's just a lot of me telling everyone I love them, I really mean it mostly. Some coincidental birthdays, and you all know I do that thing where I fall head over heels for somebody in a second and flip out for 3 months and then that person just becomes a close friend and I move on. Doing it again. Maybe the 5th time in 1.5 years? Maybe I'm fooling myself, like, I pretend to be this emotionless cloud who is more concerned with music and performing and balancing out my bizarre life and all of that and that I don't care about being in relationship or falling in love because I did that and it was fun and all but I'm toooo crazy and such a mutant alien goddess freak to care about that anymore, but maybe that's not...balanced? I mean, this may be hellov presumptuous, but Jesus was still fucking Mary Magdalene and all the Apostles, right? I heard he had kids, too. I gotta find a balance with all of these wild ideas I have...

Omg my room service just got here! I got flown (though I ended up driving) down to LA to speak on this panel about gays in the music industry. I mean, I'm definitely gay. You would die my hotel is so nice it's hilarious, I literally walked in and started laughing. Well, I'll be here tonight and tomorrow night if you guys wanna party. Love ya'll. xo

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