Yes, the rib tape is real.


Suprise secret third show by Miss Rahni, thank goddess.

And, speaking of goddesses...!!!

True love does exist.
Grace just said the most genius thing to me. "I used to fantasize about crushes coming to visit me in the hospital after a freak accident and them realizing my importance in their life. Middle school Grace. Emotional genius of a 13 year old. Like a rare precious stone in a field of solidified turds." I am sooo relating to that.

So. We met Kola. It was, literally, life changing. I really can't even describe her. She's so REAL. Her stories, her writing, everything. I'm just like so thankful that someone like her exists and that we got to experience her face to face. So sweet, sooooo fucking beautiful. She practices her own religion called The Womb. She used to write for daytime soaps?! Soo obsessed with her. There truly are incarnations of the goddess walking amongst us.

Also, I love my chosen family. xx

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