I dreamt last night of going to lots of different high rise apartments where you had to step across really insane drops to get to cool places, like take an elevator up to the 40th floor and then just hop across this tiny little gap to get onto this tiny little platform. Fucking horrifying. Then of course my requisite dream of me inviting a million people over to my house and everything getting crazy. My old friend from high school Taylor came over and was in a k-hole (autobiographical dream) and we cuddled like we used to in high school and it was really sweet then some dude came in and stole everyone's stuff, so of course Taylor starts scaling a wall outside, more heights, horrifying. It was all heights and me eventually falling from them.

I was reading about this thing called kindling last night, where you get addicted and then withdraw to something so many times that each time the withdrawal gets worse, I'm paranoid about that now because I go on these really long bingey spats of drinking and then I stop for two days and I feel like absolute trash. Today is day 3 but I'll be out tonight of course. I can't just quit though that feels too extreme. What to do what to do. Gotta find the balance. Kindling. Did I mention I just got a Kindle? I don't know how it works yet.

Also got inspired making a cd for Bernadette at the Stud which I've been promising her for months and slopped through a lil' mix this morning. Ugh I'm having withdrawals. Who's got problems?


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