Wouldn't you love to wake up with that creep slathered all over the bed you passed out in?

We met him at the taco truck and took him home. Wish he was still here.
DP from the camera crew that was following us around for a second. I know.
I've been doing a lot of laying around.

I will suck any dick, any time. It's a gift.

Top right corner, spike earrings, that's the one. I miss him :/

Picture me, age 9 or 10, arguing with my mom about whether Toni Braxton wrote her own songs. I had scrawled on my bedroom wall in my weird cursive a list, "My Idols" consisting of Alanis Morisette, Toni Braxton, Sheryl Crow, Fiona Apple,...who else? How did Toni make it on there? I mean, she's amazing, but as my mother was quick to point out, was not a talented singer-songwriter like my other fav ladies. This was right before I received Ray of Light on cd in my Easter Basket (thanks, gay Easter bunny!) which changed my life irrevocably. Such a little fuckin faggot hahaha.

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