I couldn't handle answering my mom's phone call yesterday but I did sit down and begin to catalogue a lot of my early memories. I used to think I'd write a memoir but I realized writing a bunch of essays on significant or at least funny parts of my life would be better. My fucking family man I don't even know what to do. I wish I could just suck it up and get into them it'd be so much easier. My mom would always say, "Oh, god if I was rich I'd have my whole house Asian..." like...my entire house is covered with paper fans and Buddhas and all this bullshit, like, you could furnish your home any way you want for $50 at a thrift store.

Like...why are normal people so bad at making their dreams come true?

Anyway the holidays was fun. Wilded out on Yule Night. Hung out with my real fam and watched For The Boys on Christmas Eve. I got really pissed on Christmas reading about pre-Christian Hebrew fundamentalists expunging Asherah (Yahweh's consort) from the Bible. Just a few ass holes got some power and BAM 3,000+ years of patriarchy. It makes me feel better that at least the root of all modern religion (for which I still hold a lot of respect) is reflective of reality. Also, happy Kwanza. Love ya'll.

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