It's funny that I get all sappy and "Aww" about nerdy girls from my high school who found a dude, got married and are happily splutting out kids in the suburbs, but the popular girls that are doing the same thing just totally gross me out. I was walking by the high school down the street yesterday and thinking about how old I just turned and got so excited that I'm not in high school. That was the shittiest 4 years right?! I mean outside of high school was fun, first boyfriends, discovering punk, etc, but being at school itself was the worst. I hated being a teenager I just wanted to be 21 and drunk at a bar buying my own drinks with my own money. Be careful what you wish for. I hated my parents then but I have to give it to my mom, she always ragged on the people who said high school was the best time of their lives. "Really? That's the best time of your life you idiot?" and promised us how much fun we were going to have later. Fuckin true. Anyway I will have been in San Francisco 4 years in June if I wasn't about to affect another move. It's hard not to totally tune out once you decide to leave some place, but I got two more crazy months left here, gonna milk this giant drag queen of a city's tit dry. See you in April, New York. Had a great birthday week this week, thanks ya'll.

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