Wherever you go, there you are.

New jobs got me thinking about old jobs. Working graveyard shift summers in high school at the corporate chain restaurant. Worked with this rad, funky 40 something coke head Cindy from Minnesota, she always brought out the Wisconsin accent in me, we'd go on and on about sooodas and all that, laughing so hard at this poor engineering grad student who they hired to be the manager, Peter. Oh fuckin Peter. He had no idea what was in for him at that gig. Also the hottie Aaron who used to be roommates with DJ Keoki (gagged for that, then, obviously) in Minneapolis, we'd talk about techno (actually electroclash) and I'd ogle his sexy arms, one replete with a huge abcess (he said it was a cigarette burn, I believed that, then, didn't really know what was up...). Carol was my favorite manager. She'd had her kids taken away because of her husband's drug use, he was trying to get clean on methadone but she chose to stay with him rather than get her kids back, I'd drive her home to the trailer park in Gardner every shift we worked together. She was sweet. Moment that really hit home for me with her (and with the band Nickelback) was when "You Remind Me" was playing and she shook her head and said, "This is my life." Totally get that.

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