There is a person who hangs out in my neighborhood I'm really interested in. She wears several layers of winter coats, glasses, and some sort of make-shift shireen that covers her face, I can't tell if it's a bandana or what, the effect is very hijab via Northface or something. She looks really cool, like a freedom fighter or desert mystic, but also unsettling. All you can see is her eyes behind those wire rimmed glasses. I guess even she is a little presumptuous. The other day she was standing outside the laundry mat where I washed my clothes for the whole 1.5 hours I was in there next to a giant pile of trash, just standing, fabrics fluttering in the breeze, staring into the street, then last night I was leaving Foodstown and got startled because she had tucked herself into a corner by the exit, where they have the carts and whatnot, and was reading a book, this was around 11:30 at night. I was convinced she was following me home and that I'd get to the top of my stairs and look down and see her and she'd suddenly be on the landing with me before I knew it and who's gonna help me, the hip-hop studio next door? She probably is benevolent though. I don't think the supernatural generally means me any harm...

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